Our Mission


  • We build with the mind and from the heart.



  • To set the standard for quality, innovation, and consistency in custom and reproduction architectural millwork and furniture elements.
  • To sustain and promote the art of traditional millwork through unparalleled attention to detail, methods and materials which respect the craft, and the application of modern innovations that improve our results.
  • To satisfy our souls in the quest to perform meaningful, relevant, honest, and memorable work in a challenging and creative environment.



  • We take no shortcuts.
  • We believe that good design is equal parts thoughtful planning, attention to detail, skillful performance, and mutual respect.
  • We honor ourselves and our clients by managing the business with integrity and the highest ethical standards.
  • We invest in the best people, equipment, and techniques to provide unparalleled value and solutions to our clients' challenges.
  • We continually challenge ourselves in an attempt to better one another and those around us.
  • We believe that the reward for hard work is more work.