Artisan Portfolio


Public Spaces
Our commercial clients include architects, designers, business owners, and contractors. We pursue strong, long-term relationships that include highly creative collaboration from a project's conceptual development through its design and production phases.

Thriving on challenge and on the trust our clients place in our instincts and abilities, we strive to exceed expectations in production and operating efficiencies. Our adaptations, however, never sacrifice quality for productivity. Materials that stand the test of time and substantial use, coupled with an attention to detail virtually unequaled in today's market, remain the Artisan Millshop signature.

For the Home
In the old days, before things were marketed as "handmade" or "sustainable," they just simply were. But to us, making things by hand — and building them to last — just seems natural.

From built-in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to case goods, windows, doors, and trim, our residential restorations and reproductions are historically accurate down to the smallest detail. Our original work fuses precision and technical knowledge with inspiration and insight – resulting in unique architectural details for today's functional homes.

Custom Furnishings
Artisan Elements is where we unleash our creativity — stretching our minds and putting form, function, and style to the test through fine custom furniture and case goods designed for private and public use.

Whether collaborating with an individual, a designer, or an architectural firm – or producing a speculative piece for a gallery installation – we design and hand-make each piece of furniture in our shop according to exact specifications. With quality that is refined and instantly recognizable, a custom desk, bed, table, or bar becomes an heirloom-quality work of art.
As individual as a fingerprint, every Artisan Elements project represents the circular relationship between art and craft.


For general inquiries or to discuss commissioning, contact Jessica Vagnier at 504-723-7858, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .